Auto Money Maker Review : Major Crypto Trading Scam Exposed!

Is Auto Money Maker another crypto currency trading scam? Here’s is my detailed Auto Money Maker review. The Auto Money Maker is a new auto trader in the crypto currency trading industry. It is quite unfortunate that this crypto trading platform has found itself in the lucrative industry.It is nothing but a lousy crypto trading scam intended to steal money from non-suspecting traders. Such robots deserve no place in the BitCoin industry.

Do not be misled into signing up.We conducted thorough investigation about the crypto trading software and discovered the hidden truth. We shall expose all the details about this piece of crap so that you are not scammed. The Auto Money Maker crypto system will not give you the financial freedom being promised. We have solid evidence to prove our verdict. We advise you to read this Auto Money Maker Review to the very end. This will help you to make a wise trading decision if you intend to invest in binary options.

Auto Money Maker Crypto Review  – Why Arthur McCool’s Crypto System Is A Scam?

Auto Money Maker Crypto Review

Mr. Arthur McCool is the alleged owner and creator of Auto Money Maker Crypto App. He boasts that he is super trader with the exceptional ability to place many winning trades. He also claims that he is a very famous person and therefore many people know him. Besides, he is the voice over presenter in the video presentation of Auto Money Maker BitCoin Trading software. Here is the proof that all these are lies.

Arthur McCool says that he is the owner of the crypto currency software software but when you search him on professional social media site like LinkedIn, you will not find any trace of information about him. Information like CEO at Auto Money Maker would have made us believe him. On top of that, we searched his name on Google. The information we got were negative reviews relating him to Auto Money Maker Scam.

Moreover, we do not see his face throughout the video presentation. He is a voice over actor. This is what happens in majority of scam video presentations. Scammers do this so that nobody will be able to know their facial identity. They are criminals and can be jailed if enough evidence is gathered to prove their fraudulent activities.

Arthur McCool also claims that he is a super trader. This is laughable. Super traders don’t boast about their expertise. Don’t trust him. He says this so that you can be convinced to sign up with Auto Money Maker Crypto System which relies on his trading ability.

The alleged owner of Auto Money Maker System also says that he is a famous person. What a big lie! How comes his name is not known in binary trading industry? We know the famous guys in this industry but not Arthur McCool. He is only trying to fool new newbie traders who do not know much about binary option trading and all that happens in the trading industry.

How Does Auto Money Maker App Work? Is this Crypto Trading Platform Profitable?

This Crypto Currency Trading System features algorithm which imitates Arthur’s trading techniques. It scans his former positions and executes trades. This explanation is enough to scare you off the software. This is because it has already been confirmed that Arthur McCool is a fictitious character. You therefore cannot sign up with a software which copies trading techniques of a person whose is existence cannot be proved. Just keep off.

What Are The Possible Daily Profits Figures for Auto Money Maker Crypto App?

According to Auto Money Maker Website, 387 users earn $2,765.25 profits on daily basis. This sounds amazing. Many people invest in cryptocurrency trading to make money. They are always looking for softwares that can generate this amount of profits daily. However, there is no solid proof that 387 users are making over $2000 profits per day. We did our research and all we found were negative reviews by irate traders who used Auto Money Maker Crypto Software. If they would be making the profits stated, then their reviews would be positive.

What Is The Auto Money Maker Crypto Software’s Accuracy?

Auto Money Maker Software has 97.2% accuracy. If you have traded BitCoins, Ethereum, Ripple or used a reliable ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) before, you will know that this is a big lie. 97.2% accuracy is not just impossible but a dream that may never come true as far as financial market is concerned. The Crypto Trading market is highly unpredictable. Scientists have been trying to come up with Crypto Systems that can predict it by over 90% accuracy to no avail. This is because it is constantly being affected by many factors. No human being, technology or Crypto software can predict it by close to 100% accuracy.

Design of Auto Money Maker Crypto Review Website

Auto Money Maker Scam

The manner in which Auto Money Maker Review Website is designed raises a red flag? All we see is video tutorial section, form and heaps of dollars. The only information available is to make you sign up with the software. Besides, the design is poor. The site looks so unprofessional. Don’t expect to get reliable service from such a bad looking site. It is a site for crooks who want to steal your hard earned money.Stay away.

Where Are The Contact Details?

There are no contact details on Auto Money Maker Website. Not even their email address. In other words, you will not be able to contact them after your trading account is blown. We can’t tell their address or physical location. This is a pure scam.

Is Auto Money Maker Crypto Trading Website A Scam?

It is a filthy scam that every trader must avoid. 97.2% accuracy being promised cannot be achieved at all. To add on, the voice over acting, use of fiverr actors to give testimonials and push into registration tactics is enough evidence that Auto Money Maker Platform is scam.

This Is What Reviews Show

Our review has shown that Auto Money Maker Software is scam as explained above.

Customer reviews show that Auto Money Maker is scam.

Expert reviews also indicate that this software is scam.

Reviews too indicate that Auto Money Maker has been blacklisted on many reputable Crypto Currency trading sites.

Conclusion : The Auto Money Maker Crypto Website Is Confirmed Scam – Stay Away

In conclusion, you now understand why you should avoid this Auto Money Maker Crypto Software from this review. It has nothing good to offer. Don’t lose your money by investing in this bogus application. Do your research and choose top performing auto traders. You will be able to make profits. Start with small trade sizes. Depending on how profitable the system is, you can increase the size of your trades. But avoid the above software. Auto Money Maker is scam. You are warned.

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