My Profit Formula Review : Megan’s My Profit Formula Scam Exposed !!

Here is my detailed review on My Profit Formula System. My Profit Formula Crypto Currency software did not pass our quality checks; hence we saw that it would be appropriate to put it in our review list of scam Crypto Currency System robots of 2018. The website that is being used to host the BitCoin App in question has a bad reputation. The domain belongs to another well-known Crypto Currency Scam network of Bitcoin fraudsters. And if you pay close attention to the video presentation, you will see that My Profit Formula Website is actually talking about another scam robot called Charity Profits Crypto Currency App. We really don’t understand what is happening here.

If it were a genuine mistake, someone would have taken note of this by now. But it appears that this move was intentional. And this is why we have concluded that the two scam robots belong to one fraudulent person who doesn’t want to be identified. Instead, he uses a woman to act on his behalf. Therefore, this My Profit Formula Platform Review is a warning to all of you who might have been led to think that this BitCoin Software is real.

My Profit Formula Crypto Currency Platform Review

Is My Profit Formula a scam? Yes, this is a big fraud, which is why you should not throw your money into it. You see, we are actually having a different BitCoin App being presented under the domain name of We don’t understand how these fraudsters are intending to convince anyone by using this approach. This is total confusion since this BitCoin App is not represented at all in that pitch video. Instead, a woman who pretends to be wealthy shows up and starts talking about Charity Profits Crypto Currency App instead of My Profit Formula BitCoin App.

Let’s Review The Claims Made By Miss Megan Sanders For My Profit Formula Crypto Currency App

My Profits Formula App Review

The idea is that you will earn $4,000 in daily profits if you use whatever App they are promoting here. If you fail to make money within 24 hours, then Miss Megan Sanders will compensate your time by personally rewarding you with some cool $5,000 for doing nothing.

At this point, one wonders about the serious nature of these individuals. Authentic Crypto Currency Traders don’t engage in silly games. But this woman at My Profit Formula Platform is clearly playing games, and we don’t think she will ever succeed in convincing anyone. Let’s see what her professional profile looks like, and whether or not it’s real.

She has ‘’worked’’ for Deutsche Bank: but investigations show that she has never worked here

We don’t take claims very easily unless there is proof. This is why we decided to research on this statement to see if she actually worked as a senior analyst involved in managing client accounts. Unfortunately, a quick research on this character doesn’t reveal anything much about her, except her affiliation with this scam robot called My Profit Formula BitCoin Platform or Charity Profits Software.

If indeed she held that position, it would have been very easy to find out. Google would have gladly served us with her Biography and work background. Apparently, nothing of this sort exists. This suggests that Miss Megan Sanders is nothing but a fake character – a creation of the owner of My Profit Formula Crypto System.

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She Is Involved In Charity Work; That’s Not True : My Profit Formula Crypto Currency System Review

The reason why she is giving out this My Profit Formula App for free is because she wants to make more money which will be donated to charity. And by the way, she claims that this My Profit Formula System cost her a whooping $2 billion to design. And now she is giving it away for free just like that! Does this make sense? It would have certainly made sense if she charged a subscription fee which would have gone to these charity organisations. All this are clearly mentioned in my My Profit Formula review.

Anyway, this character whose real name is not Megan Sanders is not involved with any charity work. If that was the case, then we think it would have made sense for her to distribute this app to the charity organisations instead. She ought to have given them the power to earn countless amounts of money instead of asking you to use the My Profit Formula System so that she can deduct 5% of your earnings for purposes of donating to charity. In fact, if she was really involved in charity work, she wouldn’t have asked for your help because she already has the key to making money out of the markets. So the reason why she needs your help is something that continues to raise suspicion.

The Fake Testimonials For My Profit Formula BitCoin App Revealed !

My Profits Formula Crypto System

We see a lot of fake characters coming up in the beginning of this video presentation. They all claim that My Profit Formula Crypto Platform has changed their lives, and that they lack words to thank Miss Sander for giving them the power to earn dollars even in their sleep.

But we already know that these phony characters were part of the setup to fool traders and it’s totally a scam. The truth is that they are not living the life which they claim to live. The same applies to Miss Sanders who is trying to lie to others that she is a multi-billionaire. There is no evidence that she is among the rich people in the world. She is not among the 1% of the population which consists of super wealthy people. But she has to mention it anyway for purposes of marketing the fake robot.

Claims That You Will Never Lose Money With This My Profit Formula BitCoin App : Read My Review

This false BitCoin Platform is marketed with the idea that you will make money fast and safely without losing a penny in the process. We know very well that people can’t grow rich overnight. She even promises that you will make a million dollars in a span of 10 months. Again, this is a big lie. Whereas My profit Formula Software is automatic, the fact of the matter is that it’s a white label with no sound algorithm to rely on. So don’t be surprised if you actually end up losing $250 in the first few hours of using it.

Conclusion :- Stay Away From My Profit Formula System !!

You cannot fall for this My Profit Formula App simply because of the lavish lifestyle which this woman is using to draw your attention. And the heart wrenching story of how she witnessed a little boy suffering in Africa is something which she created to distract you. There is no truth in everything she is saying. Therefore, if you use My Profit Formula Crypto system, do it at your own risk. But there is a 100% chance that you will lose everything.

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