Optical Signal Trader Review : Scam Crypto Currency App Exposed !

Read my detailed Optical Signal Trader Crypto App Review. We don’t have any proof whatsoever that Optical Signal Trader Crypto Currency App will give us $3,000 each day. But what we are certainly aware of is the fact that Optical Signal Trader Crypto Currency App is an old scam that has been recycled too many times and presented to Crypto Currency Traders in order to continuously steal money from them. You must be aware of scams like Dream Profit, Insured Trading and many more lurking in the horizon and having very similar characteristics to this one. They spread the same brain-washing stories across the internet, but with the overall message remaining the same.

So today we have Optical Signal Trader Crypto Currency Software promising us wealth courtesy of its extremely fast trading infrastructure that beat Wall Street folks in their own game. Does this platform really make sense? Let’s find read Crypto Currency App Review.

Optical Signal Trader Review : Why Optical Signals Trader Crypto Currency Is A scam?

Since we have mentioned that this scam is an old-school trick which has been recycled to make it look like new, you shouldn’t trust that something good will come out of it. The people who claim to be behind Optical Signal Trader Crypto Currency Review System have proved to be masters of false acting with the intent of stealing money from unsuspecting traders. They are not trustworthy people, and there is no excuse why you should trust them with your money whatsoever.

Optical Signal Trader Crypto Review

These are the lies and misconceptions we want you to watch out for they claim that when you sign up for the GOptical Signal Trader Crypto Currency Software, you will receive $3,000 as soon as tomorrow. We are against free money by the way since free money has never been distributed anywhere.

Secondly, if they claim that this BitCoin software will connect you to their very own super-fast computers and servers globally, do you think it is possible to give it out for free? Come on! This is total BS and clearly mentioned in my reviews. We have never heard of robots that run super-fast, executing data transfers at the speed of 94/100th of a millisecond. So far, we know that no software developer can ever beat Wall Street. Secondly, even if they created this platform to act faster than the rest, there is no certain way to reach those speeds since the broker platform determines the execution speed and not the robot you’re using.

Optical Signal Trader Review: Claims That They Have 100% Infrastructure Ownership Is Misleading

It is not clear what Optical Signal Trader Crypto Currency BitCoin Platform really is. On one side, they claim that this system is a Crypto Currency Trading robot. On the other, we get the feeling that they are an exchange service. After all, owning their private trading platform would mean operating business like some sort of a broker or exchange service. We certainly don’t see any correlation here, and this makes us want to scrutinise it further.

The question of rapid response in the market due to their end-to-end ownership of vast infrastructure does not arise when we assume that they are a robot developer. But if the opposite is also true, then we could be dealing with a jack of all trades, of which we could end up with losses. This also confirms that the mention of superior technology which guarantees low-latency to give best results is just empty talk. We don’t have any credible explanation to convince us that Optical Signal Trader Crypto Currency Review Software isn’t what it is.

Is It Really True That You Can’t Lose Money With Optical Signal Trader Crypto Currency Software? Read My Review

These bold claims deserve laughter. Who has ever traded Crypto Currency platform without losing money at some point?

Seasoned traders will tell you that it’s almost a tradition to lose money here. The best BitCoin Trading robots can give an accuracy rate of up to 80%. But it is never guaranteed, which makes us question the authenticity of this no-loss claim.

Optical Signal Trader Review

But something interesting caught our attention in the process. They call it ‘Rapid Counter Trade’, and they say that it will ‘’insure’’ your trades when they threaten to go wrong. How exactly do they do this? Well, by opening a counter position in the opposite direction, hoping that the position will close in the money.

Some traders call it fence trading. But we call it a stupid way of making decisions when entering the market. If you have to choose Up/Down as in fence trading, then you really have to enter both trades at the same entry price. If you delay by a few seconds, the risk of losing twice becomes very real. And if fence trading, Rapid Counter, or whatever they call it has been incorporated into the so-called algorithm of Optical Signal Trader Crypto Currency App, then we are convinced that using Optical Signal Trader Crypto Currency Platform is pure gambling. You will lose money with this BitCoin Software whether you like it or not, and that’s the idea.

So Who Are These Two Crooks Trying To Con You With Lies? Read My Optical Signal Trader BitCoin Platform Review

We basically have no idea who Dominic Shepard and George Larson are. If we are to believe them, it would take real proof of earning from members of Optical Signal Trader Crypto Currency Review Website. But since they are very keen on avoiding this question, we can only say that they are actors, hired to con you with lies and misleading information.

The thing is, you can’t tell the exact profit that you will earn on a daily basis. This is not like you’ll be signing a contract that guarantees $3,000 in your bank account every morning. So we really don’t see why we should trust Dominic Shepard and George Larson. They are just here for convenience, and also to mislead and hopefully sell you what doesn’t exist.

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Optical Signal Trader Crypto Currency App Was Not Featured In The Media

This is contrary to the earlier reports that Optical Signal Trader Crypto Currency Review App was featured on BBC, Bloomberg and CNN. We are afraid that these media organisations never mentioned Optical Signal Trader Crypto Currency System. All these media organisations have their respective websites, and even if you search for this BitCoin Software in any of the news sites, you will not find anything coming close to Optical Signal Trader Crypto Currency Software. This actually proves that this BitCoin Website is run by fraudsters.

Optical Signal Trader Crypto Currency Software Conclusion

There is no logical and ethical way to beat the financial markets every day. Stating that you will earn $3,000 a day is like living a lie. Furthermore, the live trade history which we see on the homepage of this site is actually not real. It doesn’t reflect what traders have made since anyone who gets into this Crypto Currency Scam ends up losing everything. So you bet that Optical Signal Trader Crypto Currency Software is just a hopeless scam.

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