Neutrino Profit App Review : Crypto Trading Scam Software Exposed !

Is Neutrino Profit Crypto Currency App a scam? This Neutrino Profit App Review is an expose of a failed system called Neutrino Profit Crypto platform. This software is supposedly the property of one very clever man called James Taylor. And because of all that he has said in an attempt to market this miserable scam, facts combined with instincts show that this is the most dangerous way to invest money in Crypto Currency Trading. So if you want to know why you shouldn’t commit your money into this system, we encourage you to read this Neutrino Profit App review till the end.

Neutrino Profit App Review : Crypto Currency Trading App Exposed !

It is very easy for a beginner to think that they’ve suddenly hit a gold mine with this BitCoin Software or System. According to this scam artist called James Taylor, Neutrino Profit Crypto Currency platform was designed for beginners who didn’t want to spend time learning how to predict the future in financial markets.

Neutrino Profits App Review

A beginner is not supposed to learn anything or have experience Crypto Currency Trading especially if they have Neutrino Profit Crypto Currency App or software working for them. This statement feels good to the ear, especially if you don’t have experience trading the Bitcoin markets and you still want to earn. However, we are warning that the idea of making lots of money without blood and sweat is a flawed one. Making $1,000 a day with Neutrino Profit Crypto Currency platform is not possible. Making half of that is still impossible. In fact, if you don’t have to learn anything and only bank on the auto-pilot thing, then rest assured that losses will come your way like a swam of bees, thanks to your loyalty of the Neutrino Profit App Signals.

Is Neutrino Profit Crypto Currency Trading App a scam? Read my Neutrino Profit BitCoin System Review

Because there is no proof or any explanation as to why we should trust this Bitcoin Trading Bitcoin App, we can confidently label it a scam with this Neutrino Profit review.

Apparently, the success rate of this crypto currency system is supposed to come from a small time lapse that occurs in the financial markets. This fake crypto currency platform for Bitcoin trading is supposed to pick up signals even before they are placed into the market. But do you have any reason to believe that such a statement is true by any chance?

Well, the market cannot have time lapses, so nothing like that exists in the real sense. In fact, the market is only controlled by the law of demand and supply. The interaction between the Bulls and Bears dictate what shall happen next when you place a trade. So where exactly does time lapse come in?

Let’s excuse this character called James and give him another chance to explain himself. We realize that he still cannot give facts but rely on statements that don’t have a grain of truth. You are supposed to believe that this crypto currency software has an accuracy rate of 92%. But it turns out that it hardly reaches a 40% strike rate. This means you’re losing 6 trades out of 4 wins. This is terrible news, mathematically speaking!

And because your signing up is treated like another beta tester statistic, you will get this app for free to try it on your real money account. We don’t think anyone who is sober enough can do such a thing. The truth is that this platform or software is not free to use. You will lose all you shall invest in it, and that’s the price of trusting it.

Our Neutrino Profit Crypto Review Always Leave Behind Red Flags To Watch

As worthless as Neutrino Profit Crypto Currency Trading App is, James still needs you to make a quick deposit so he can benefit. This is how they earn their commission. By presenting you with a ”solution” which is supposed to trade BitCoin in the Crypto Currency markets accurately, they believe that you will invest money without thinking a second time. Simply put, whether you are a newbie or an experienced trader, nothing should warrant you to invest in Neutrino Profit Cryptocurrency Platform scam.

If you ignore this Neutrino Profit Crypto review, then it will be as simple as losing bit by bit every time you push the auto-trade button. Once this happens, your broker will ask you to fund your account again in order to keep trading. Some traders are bound to use emotional trading especially after they wipe an entire account worth $250 or more, so they will invest another $200 hoping to recover the losses quickly before reality hits them. If you’re this kind of a trader, rest assured that your risk of losing money will be tripled, and that’s a dangerous state to be in.

And Now It’s Time To Bust The Fake Neutrino Profit App Testimonials

Neutrino Profits Crypto Trading App

When we suspect that Neutrino Profit Crypto Currency Trading App for BitCoin System is a scam, we scrutinize the testimonial section to find out the truth. And the truth, in this case, is that all are fake. As usual, the social media feeds you see on this website is not real since you cannot click on the individual profiles to consult with people who used this software.

Let Us Look At More Detailed Review Of The Scam:

This man is a familiar figure indeed. He even presented another scandalous signal service called The Millionaires Club. He posed as Richard Brown, the owner of Millionaires Club. Today, this poor guy has made another Crypto Currency Trading App called Neutrino Profit Crypto Currency platform for Bitcoin and he promises that you will make $1,000 a day! That’s a joke especially if you know that such amounts of cash don’t come easy.

Trading Results Of Neutrino Crypto Currency Software for BitCoin

It only makes sense for James to come up with some fabricated records of trading results captured from his Neutrino Profit Crypto Platform. They are all fabricated and Crypto Currency scam. The Neutrino Profit Crypto App review should explain it all.

From that screenshot, you notice that after he enters a position/or multiple positions with a balance of $500, he realizes a profit of $1250. But how come the time he enters and the time he leaves the market is stagnant? It should be counting. Unfortunately, it doesn’t and that’s a red flag.

Conclusion : The Neutrino Profit Crypto Trading App is Complete SCAM !

After reading this Neutrino Profit Crypto Currency App for BitCoin review, it should settle your doubts. There’s a lot of dirty dealings that went into the creation of this fake Crypto Currency Trading App. It’s booming business for the people involved. But it’s big losses for traders who risk their $250, thinking they’ll earn their first million in two weeks. Rest assured that this is yet another adrenaline-pumping software that will only give you a heart attack when you wake up to the reality of a $0 balance account!

PlatinCoin India Review : Scam PLC Academy Crypto Website Exposed !!

Looking for PlatinCoin Reviews ? Is PlatinCoin India or PLC Academy Scam ? Hello reader! Today we would like to present to you a comprehensive review of a certain scam cryptocurrency system called Platin Coin platform by a guy named Elias Pape. The PlatinCoin Global and PLC Academy India is another big scam that has come to our attention and we urge you to stay away from it. My colleague and I investigated this program and discovered so many things that are not right. Read our complete and honest PlatinCoin Review below to find out why we are urging you to avoid PlatinCoin.

What Is PlatinCoin ? Important PlatinCoin India Review & Updates.

PlatinCoin India Review

According to PLC Academy, PlatinCoin is a cutting-edge crypto-system that offers a learning academy, an innovative hybrid blockchain technology, a state-of-the-art business platform as well as a social network. The people behind this PlatinCoin program market it as a global project that seeks to bring people around the world together and provide them with a one of a kind opportunity that will change their lives and the lives of people around them. To the unsuspecting investor, this introduction sounds very legit, authentic and convincing, but nothing could be further from the truth than this.

PlatinCoin India Review: Indian Versions Of PlatinCoin is A MLM Scam !!

In reality, PlatinCoin India or PLC Academy is one of the biggest multi-level marketing (MLM) frauds out there. This fraudulent organization has several affiliates throughout the world with PlatinCoin India as one of them. These companies are meant to dupe traders everywhere.

What are the PlatinCoin Investment Products /Offerings?

The Platincoin review platform supposedly offers a wide range of investment products from precious metals and cryptocurrencies to ordinary consumer products and services. The people behind this fake cryptosystem claim that PlatinCoin members can invest literally in anything and make abnormal profits using the business platform. They purport that you can build any business that will become profitable around this so called revolutionary cryptosystem.

We wish it was true that PlatinCoin offers an opportunity to establish any business and become successful. What we discovered is totally different from the information that is in the public domain.

What are The PLC Academy Platforms ? PlatinCoin India & Global Platforms

PLC Academy India

According to and, this supposed innovative crypto system comprises 4 different platforms, namely;

  • The PlatinCoin Academy/PLC Academy India
  • The PlatinCoin Network/PLC Network India 
  • The PlatinCoin Business/PLC Business India 
  • The PlatinCoin Market/PLC Market India

We are made to believe that these are the components of this so called innovative cryptography system. We are also made to believe that each component has its own role to play in the business.

PLC Academy seeks to avail materials on the theory of cryptography and blockchain technology. It also supposedly provides materials on the basics as well as strategies for effective online business promotion and sales communication.

PLC Network, on the other hand, according to the PlatinCoin review website, aims to bring individuals of different ages and nationalities together. The company claims to unlock endless opportunities for successful personal growth as well as business development due to its so called tremendous potential.

The third feature of PlatinCoin is PLC Market. We are told that PLC Market is a platform that’s aimed towards providing endless opportunities to all PLC members so that they can sell their products and services more effectively.

The fourth and final piece of this grand cryptocurrency system scam is PLC Business. PLC Business purportedly provides an ideal platform that can help anyone turn a simple idea into a tremendously successful business. The unscrupulous affiliates who promote this scam tell us that people with access to the PlatinCoin Platform can also vote for business ideas and provide evaluations that may be used to gain in-depth understanding of how interesting various ideas are, whether the ideas have a potential and identify the possible buyers of the products or services that resulted from those ideas.

PLC Academy Business supposedly offers numerous promising ideas that the cryptosystem members can turn into huge and profitable investments. Even if the company claims to offer endless PlatinCoin Investment Plans, we know the reality. The truth is that this is not a legitimate platform on which you can start a business and grow it to success.

PlatinCoin Wallet : PLC Group AG – PlatinCoin Google Play App is SCAM !!

Platin Coin Platform

If there is one significant thing we noticed about this fraudulent company, it’s the fact that PlatinCoin has really perfected the art of persuasion! Its website offers information that is so persuasive that you would be tempted to sign up and purchase any of their business packages straight away.

One of their lies that could really deceive and mislead someone is the PlatinCoin wallets lie. The company claims to offer 2 very special kinds of wallets that use a special PlatinCoin Technology that will enable users to connect with the cryptosystem, conduct transactions online and store all of their money and bonus points safely.

According to the so called PLC Academy review website, the PlatinCoin Crypto Currency system offers both an offline and online wallet. Each wallet supposedly has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, the offline wallet purportedly allows users to conduct transactions without internet connection and also enables validation of transactions using a very unique technology called QR Code. On the other hand, the online wallet supposedly features a technology known as Paranoic mod. We are told it is one of the most advanced security technologies used in online wallets currently. Whether that’s true or not, nobody can tell at this point.

How to Join PlatinCoin or PLC Academy India ?

We strongly discourage our readers from joining PlatinCoin because the PlatinCoin Scam is quite dangerous. If you would like to join it anyway for one reason or another, here are the steps;

  • Go to or and click on the yellow registration button in the top right corner of the page
  • Fill out the registration form with your personal details, including your name, sir name, email, and nationality
  • Mark all the check-boxes, including the ‘I’m not a robot’ box
  • Click on the registration button below to conclude registration
  • Once you do that, wait a few seconds for a page to open, confirming your successful registration
  • After that, you will need to open your email inbox to activate your registration within an hour. Otherwise, you will not be able to proceed to the next steps
  • After that, choose your preferred PlatinCoin / PLC Academy business package from the 5 different packages offered below, namely; Beginner, Trainee, Student, Specialist and Professional. PlatinCoin Today Prices are as follows; 5.95 euros for the first package goes and 59.50 euros for the second package. The third package goes for 297.50 euros. The last 2 packages cost 595 euros and 1190 euros respectively.
  • Click on the buy button below your selected package and choose your preferred payment method from the list
  • Click confirm to conclude the buy process

Does PlatinCoin India Pay? More Proofs On PLC Academy India SCAM !!

Do not expect to receive any payouts from the people behind the PlatinCoin Technology because they don’t pay people. Forget about PlatinCoin India withdrawals because the scammers will never grant anybody their earnings. Almost all honest PlatinCoin Reviews confirm this.

Instead, these people only pay unscrupulous affiliates that refer new members to sign up to PLC Academy. Of course you will put in work, earn money and you will also be able to see your earnings on the dashboard, but you will not be able to transfer those earnings from there to your bank account. At least that is what happened in our cases.

After putting in so much work and earning a couple hundred euros—each one of us, the company suddenly suspended our accounts without any communication. We tried to reach them, but all of our efforts proved futile. Their representatives would hang up each time we got through and begun to introduce ourselves.

Still have Doubts “Is PlatinCoin India Scam ? ” Answer is YES

This company is scam because they will take your money, yet not pay you what you have earned. Yes, you will earn money trading on the PlatinCoin Exchange platform for crypto currencies and other commodities, but you will never be able to withdraw your earnings and that is a fact!

Final Verdict : The PlatinCoin India or – All Versions are SCAM !!

There are many legit and profitable MLM investment systems out there, but PlatinCoin India or PLC Academy review website is certainly not one of them. PlatinCoin ROI is zero and the only people who have earned from it are a few unscrupulous bloggers that will earn a small commission for referring innocent investors to sign up. PlatinCoin by Elias Pape is scam to avoid like the plague. Many have put their money in it and few have earned money from this fraudulent cryptosystem. Do not throw away your hard earned cash to this system. Checkout our other reviews for legit, authentic and profitable cryptographic systems. Avoid this bogus cryptosystem and keep your money safe. Otherwise, until we bring another crypto system to your attention, have a nice time.

Auto Money Maker Review : Major Crypto Trading Scam Exposed!

Is Auto Money Maker another crypto currency trading scam? Here’s is my detailed Auto Money Maker review. The Auto Money Maker is a new auto trader in the crypto currency trading industry. It is quite unfortunate that this crypto trading platform has found itself in the lucrative industry.It is nothing but a lousy crypto trading scam intended to steal money from non-suspecting traders. Such robots deserve no place in the BitCoin industry.

Do not be misled into signing up.We conducted thorough investigation about the crypto trading software and discovered the hidden truth. We shall expose all the details about this piece of crap so that you are not scammed. The Auto Money Maker crypto system will not give you the financial freedom being promised. We have solid evidence to prove our verdict. We advise you to read this Auto Money Maker Review to the very end. This will help you to make a wise trading decision if you intend to invest in binary options.

Auto Money Maker Crypto Review  – Why Arthur McCool’s Crypto System Is A Scam?

Auto Money Maker Crypto Review

Mr. Arthur McCool is the alleged owner and creator of Auto Money Maker Crypto App. He boasts that he is super trader with the exceptional ability to place many winning trades. He also claims that he is a very famous person and therefore many people know him. Besides, he is the voice over presenter in the video presentation of Auto Money Maker BitCoin Trading software. Here is the proof that all these are lies.

Arthur McCool says that he is the owner of the crypto currency software software but when you search him on professional social media site like LinkedIn, you will not find any trace of information about him. Information like CEO at Auto Money Maker would have made us believe him. On top of that, we searched his name on Google. The information we got were negative reviews relating him to Auto Money Maker Scam.

Moreover, we do not see his face throughout the video presentation. He is a voice over actor. This is what happens in majority of scam video presentations. Scammers do this so that nobody will be able to know their facial identity. They are criminals and can be jailed if enough evidence is gathered to prove their fraudulent activities.

Arthur McCool also claims that he is a super trader. This is laughable. Super traders don’t boast about their expertise. Don’t trust him. He says this so that you can be convinced to sign up with Auto Money Maker Crypto System which relies on his trading ability.

The alleged owner of Auto Money Maker System also says that he is a famous person. What a big lie! How comes his name is not known in binary trading industry? We know the famous guys in this industry but not Arthur McCool. He is only trying to fool new newbie traders who do not know much about binary option trading and all that happens in the trading industry.

How Does Auto Money Maker App Work? Is this Crypto Trading Platform Profitable?

This Crypto Currency Trading System features algorithm which imitates Arthur’s trading techniques. It scans his former positions and executes trades. This explanation is enough to scare you off the software. This is because it has already been confirmed that Arthur McCool is a fictitious character. You therefore cannot sign up with a software which copies trading techniques of a person whose is existence cannot be proved. Just keep off.

What Are The Possible Daily Profits Figures for Auto Money Maker Crypto App?

According to Auto Money Maker Website, 387 users earn $2,765.25 profits on daily basis. This sounds amazing. Many people invest in cryptocurrency trading to make money. They are always looking for softwares that can generate this amount of profits daily. However, there is no solid proof that 387 users are making over $2000 profits per day. We did our research and all we found were negative reviews by irate traders who used Auto Money Maker Crypto Software. If they would be making the profits stated, then their reviews would be positive.

What Is The Auto Money Maker Crypto Software’s Accuracy?

Auto Money Maker Software has 97.2% accuracy. If you have traded BitCoins, Ethereum, Ripple or used a reliable ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) before, you will know that this is a big lie. 97.2% accuracy is not just impossible but a dream that may never come true as far as financial market is concerned. The Crypto Trading market is highly unpredictable. Scientists have been trying to come up with Crypto Systems that can predict it by over 90% accuracy to no avail. This is because it is constantly being affected by many factors. No human being, technology or Crypto software can predict it by close to 100% accuracy.

Design of Auto Money Maker Crypto Review Website

Auto Money Maker Scam

The manner in which Auto Money Maker Review Website is designed raises a red flag? All we see is video tutorial section, form and heaps of dollars. The only information available is to make you sign up with the software. Besides, the design is poor. The site looks so unprofessional. Don’t expect to get reliable service from such a bad looking site. It is a site for crooks who want to steal your hard earned money.Stay away.

Where Are The Contact Details?

There are no contact details on Auto Money Maker Website. Not even their email address. In other words, you will not be able to contact them after your trading account is blown. We can’t tell their address or physical location. This is a pure scam.

Is Auto Money Maker Crypto Trading Website A Scam?

It is a filthy scam that every trader must avoid. 97.2% accuracy being promised cannot be achieved at all. To add on, the voice over acting, use of fiverr actors to give testimonials and push into registration tactics is enough evidence that Auto Money Maker Platform is scam.

This Is What Reviews Show

Our review has shown that Auto Money Maker Software is scam as explained above.

Customer reviews show that Auto Money Maker is scam.

Expert reviews also indicate that this software is scam.

Reviews too indicate that Auto Money Maker has been blacklisted on many reputable Crypto Currency trading sites.

Conclusion : The Auto Money Maker Crypto Website Is Confirmed Scam – Stay Away

In conclusion, you now understand why you should avoid this Auto Money Maker Crypto Software from this review. It has nothing good to offer. Don’t lose your money by investing in this bogus application. Do your research and choose top performing auto traders. You will be able to make profits. Start with small trade sizes. Depending on how profitable the system is, you can increase the size of your trades. But avoid the above software. Auto Money Maker is scam. You are warned.

Etalon Trade Review : Confirmed Scam Forex HYIP Investment Platform !!

You might have read many Etalon Trade Reviews on the internet by now. But Can you really trust that HYIP monitoring website which provided a doubtfully positive Etalon Trade reviews? Etalon Trade scam is an HYIP offering a variety of investment plans with what appears at first glance to be mouth-watering ROIs. When this program was first brought to our attention, truth be told we were really interested. Although their website could use some work in regards to presentation and content, it did genuinely appear that this young company was paying out as advertised.

Yet as ever, the golden rule is never to dive into anything that looks too good to be true. After taking a little while to cool down and then investigate the precise details, what appeared to be very promising is in fact actually extremely untrustworthy. This Etalon Trade review will explain all the reasons why those choosing to invest with these guys will end up having their fingers burnt. The only people who are sure to make money from this fake forex investment ‘advisor’ are the crooks running the show.

Etalon Trade Review- A Genuine Forex Investment Platform Or A Scam?

They claim to have a highly skilled team of investment experts who routinely earn staggering profits every day by playing the forex markets. As would be expected they also use cutting-edge specialist software that is unavailable to the casual day trader. Clients can invest in Etalon Trade Forex Investment platform and earn fantastic profits – the actual client needs to basically just wait for the money to roll in. Anyone who keeps up with their online trading news will be well aware that this business model is the same as dozens of similar recently released investment opportunities.


Etalon-Trade-ReviewAs I mentioned in this Etalon Trade review, The truth is that Etalon Trade Ltd is going to end up being a ponzi scam. Sure they can masquerade as some kind of elite forex investment opportunity – but as we’ll see, the fact they offer no proof of prior performance make the very existence of this extremely suspicious. At present we’ll best describe them as a very precarious HYIP because as far as we’re aware they haven’t scammed anyone yet. But as we’ll see, the Etalon Trade Forex Investment Website is utterly unsustainable and will inevitably collapse. The only question is how soon.

What Does Etalon Trade Ltd Company Offer?

In a nutshell, they offer short-term, Etalon Trade investment plans. Clients can choose to invest between $10 – 100,000 for between 1-50 days with returns ranging from between 145% (1 day) and a staggering 3000% after 50. Alternatively, those willing to match higher minimum deposits can earn correspondingly greater percentage returns within a shorter time frame. By forex investment standards, these Etalon Trade ROIs are extremely attractive – and enough to make anyone very who knows what they’re doing very suspicious.

Another thing my Etalon Trade review found suspicious is, They include a calculator on their homepage that explains the earnings that clients can expect on their deposit. One of the first red flags we noticed was that all of Etalon Trade scam investment programs are marketed as being set in stone. The only mention of any risk that clients may actually lose money is a tiny sidenote in the Etalon Trade website FAQ section. Otherwise, it is presented as a means of literally buying money and this implies that they are targetting novice investors.

Even though they are a young company you’d expect some kind of proven and independently verified data on prior performance (especially if you’re flinging $100k at them!). Rather worryingly, all they present on Etalon Trade scam site are claims of having had tens of millions of dollars flow through their program with thousands of customers. None of these figures can be proven, and even more concerning is that no attempt is made to do so. Without proof, such statistics simply cannot be taken as truth.

The Etalon Trade Website. Who Is The Real Owner? Facts Revealed !!

This is where things start to deteriorate from concerning to very alarming to my Etalon Trade review team. They are a registered company based in the UK with a genuine company number (10993740) – but don’t get overexcited about this without knowing how little this actually means. Happy as they are to tout this about as proof of their legitimacy, the fact is that anyone and anything can be registered as a company in the UK. It costs a mere £20 ($30ish) to register, and it is only important for tax purposes.

Financial services, on the other hand, are much more tightly regulated. Any individual or company engaged in such business must be registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in order to operate legally. We looked into this and discovered that Etalon Trade scam company is not legally registered, and therefore is technically operating illegally if they are actually based in the UK – which we actually doubt.

Why do we question this? Firstly their pigeon English used throughout the website implies that whoever is running the Etalon Trade website may well be based overseas. Secondly, the address they provide is a flat above a hairdressing salon on a London high street. From what my Etalon Trade review can determine by Google Streetview – this doesn’t look like the HQ of a business with tens of millions of liquidity!

Does Etalon Trade ROI Really Profitable?

Etalon Trade Investment Plans

Taken upon first impressions it does appear that they have been paying out. Their front page ‘shows’ that they have been paying out both tiny and large returns on a regular basis. But wait! Before you plunge your hard earned savings into an Etalon Trade plan, give it 24 hours and revisit the website tomorrow. Funnily enough, those payouts haven’t changed at all. What can we make of this? It is either just lazy website updating or much more likely they have just invented these never changing figures to try and add a further hint of legitimacy to the Etalon Trade scam.

To date, we haven’t received any complaints from people who claim to have been ripped off by Etalon Trade scam. However, this could well be because not many people have fallen for it. Anyone with even the slightest bit of trading experience will see that Etalon Trade review trading system is an HYIP program (which is why they offer a 5% referral system). Even people tempted by using such risky investments will be put off by any system that claims to be some kind of cutting-edge investment platform. So while we cannot say for sure that they are blanket scamming everyone, make no mistake that sooner or later they’ll do a runner. Forget any notion that this could be a legitimate forex investment plan. It is the exact opposite of the spectrum.

Is Etalon Trade Forex Trading System a Scam?


Despite the shadiness of their entire Etalon Trade scam program, at the end of the day, it comes down to simple sustainability. There is no way that even Mr. Ponzi himself could keep such a scam like this running for long while matching the projected/promised returns. The fact that all of the Etalon Trade investment plans are very short term just makes it even more likely that is an attempt for the crooks running the Etalon Trade review websites to try and grab a fast buck before quickly shutting their site down. Quite simply we’d be amazed if they were still operating in any legitimate way within a couple of months.

Throw in the total lack of transparency, a fabricated sales pitch, crafty small print and that they only accept cash via crypto or anonymous currencies and it’s plain to see that this is a really untrustworthy system. By no stretch of the imagination is this a bonafide forex investment opportunity. It is a ponzi scam of the first degree.

Conclusion- Etalon Trade Is a Scam Forex Investment Website. Stay Away!

The Etalon Trade markets itself in a way to appeal to people who believe that they can make money for free. It is one of the oldest tricks in the scam artists handbook, and this is just a very modern way of using such techniques to rip people off. Don’t believe any of their nonsense about being some industry leading forex traders – is it likely that they’d be based on what looks like a scruffy bedsit? Of course not. If they are based in the UK (serious question marks about this) then they are trading illegally. As I mentioned earlier in this Etalon Trade review, Clients who lose their deposits are without any legal protection and will struggle to ever catch whoever is really running Etalon Trade scam.

Interestingly enough they do provide a London telephone number on their contact page. Who better to clear up a few of our questions than the people working for Etalon Trade company themselves? Over a week we tried to contact them during business hours on 17 occasions. Each time we left a message on their answering machine The first few times were asking for some answers. Afterwards and from a different nu, ber we suggested we were interested in making a large deposit. On no occasion did they ever call us back. Make of that what you will – but for us that makes Etalon trade scam website a total and utter scam!